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The Town of Olds strives to engage citizens when planning the future of our community. To help us understand your priorities on various municipal services we invite you to use this interactive budget simulator.

The Town’s 2018 operating budget is approximately 28 million dollars which is primarily funded through municipal taxes, users fees and grants. Municipal taxes make up approximately $13.3 million of the total operating budget which is used to deliver efficient and affordable services for its ratepayers. The 2018 capital budget is approximately $15 million and is used to renew and invest in core infrastructure. Water, Wastewater and Solid Waste Collection services are not supported by taxes. This includes Curbside Rollout Services, as well as Water and Sanitary Sewer Services which are fully funded through utility rates.

For every tax dollar collected, 68 cents of your total property tax bill is paid to the Town of Olds to support local municipal services and 32 cents of the property taxes are remitted to the provincial government to fund education and seniors housing.

The focus of the Citizen Budget tool is on municipal services offered by the Town of Olds which are supported through the municipal portion of your property taxes.

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We invite you to use the interactive tool to tell us how you would balance the town’s operating budget.

Below is a list of operating service areas the town provides to our community and the 2018 funding amounts. Would you maintain, increase or decrease funding? Your challenge is to balance the operating budget. As you add and take away funds, you must adjust funds in other service areas to balance your budget.

As you choose your service levels, tell us what changes you would make to specific programs and services. The results of this survey will be reviewed by Administration and Town Council to guide budget deliberations and to assist with future planning. The survey is open until September 14th, 2018 and results will be available at

THIS AFFECTS YOU and we sincerely appreciate and thank you for participating!

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Council includes the Mayor and six Councillors who set the overall direction of the municipality through their role as a policy maker. Policies and bylaw set by council are the guidelines for administration to follow as it does the job of running a municipality.


Includes the Chief Administration Officer, Finance, Human Resources and Communications. The role of Administration is to not only support Council but to oversee and implement the strategic direction from our elected officials.

Operational Services Learn more

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Operational Services

The main function of Operational Services is to provide the required maintenance of all Municipal Infrastructure including roads, snow removal, sideways, lanes, parking lots, utilities, and fleet equipment. The Town works to ensure our infrastructure assets are maintained with excellence.

Please note: Water and Wastewater and Solid Waste Collection are not supported by taxes but are delivered by the Town through the collection of fees for services. Feedback for Water, Waste removal and Waste water can be provided later in the consultation.

How would you adjust your property tax allocation for Operational Services?

Public Safety Learn more

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Public Safety

Public Safety and Enforcement include the Olds Volunteer Fire Department, RCMP, and Municipal Enforcement teams. They protect, preserve and restore public safety through programs and services and provide education, compliance assurance and emergency/disaster response systems.

How would you adjust your property tax allocation for Public Safety?

Parks and Trails Learn more

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Parks and Trails

The Town of Olds features over 300 acres of green space including over 18 kilometres of trails, numerous parks and playgrounds including Disc Golf, the Splash Park, Skateboard Park and Off-leash Dog Park. The Town also manages and maintains the cemetery, a peace and beautiful area to reflect and cherish memories of loved ones. Town of Olds is very proud to create and maintain spaces that serve residents and visitors and make our community beautiful.

How would you adjust your property tax allocation for Parks and Trails?

Recreation Facilities Learn more

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Recreational Facilities

Recreational opportunities continue to grow in Olds. We work to provide the community with a wide variety of facilities, including the Olds Sportsplex, Olds Aquatic Centre, Olds Municipal Library, Mountain View Museum and Archives and several sport fields to keep the community active and enhance the quality of life we have come to enjoy.

How would you adjust your property tax allocation for Recreation Facilities?

Planning and Development Learn more

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Planning and Development

Planning is responsible for ensuring that growth and development within the Town of Olds occurs in an organized, rational manner while maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in Olds.

How would you adjust your property tax allocation for Planning and Development?

Economic Development

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Economic Development

Olds is one of the most innovative and progressive communities in Canada and is a great place to start or grow a business. It combines the dynamic, entrepreneurial spirit for which Albertans are known, with a genuine commitment to sustainable prosperity and quality of life. The Olds Institute for Community and Regional Development is the economic development agency of the Town of Olds. It is a unique, community-driven partnership which includes five essential members: The Town of Olds, Mountain View County, Olds College, the Chamber of Commerce and the Olds Regional Exhibition. The Olds Institute and Town staff promote the existing business environment and work collaboratively with prospective investors, developers and entrepreneurs looking to establish new businesses in Olds. The Town of Olds is also a proud member of the Central Alberta Economic Partnership (CAEP) which represents a broad cross-section of Central Alberta, including economic activities which enable the region to advance sustainable economic development and
compete more successfully in the global market.

How would you adjust your property tax allocation for Economic Development?

Community Development Learn more

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The Town of Olds is a fantastic location to raise a family or build a new life. We provide a wide range of family and community support services and work with citizens and community organizations to create a healthy and vibrant community.

How would you adjust your property tax allocation for Community Development?

General Questions

For services that are primarily funded directly from your tax dollars, what area do you feel should receive the greatest attention from your municipal leaders?
Thinking about future priorities for the Town of Olds over the next 3-5 years, what do you feel should be the top five areas of focus?
Thinking about the programs and services you receive from the Town of Olds, would you say that overall you get:
Are there services that you would like to see expanded?
What services would you like to see reduced?
Your feedback is important to us so we understand how to serve you better. Do you have any additional feedback or comments?
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  • Collecting resident information ensures that submissions from residents of the Olds community will be considered. Input and ideas from visitors are welcome and will be considered as non-resident feedback.

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